Zoopertinent function of soil saprophages in current environment management

Викладач: Кульбачко Юрій Люцинович
Рік видання: 2019
Автор: Y. Kulbachko, O. Didur, A. Pokhylenko, T. Lykholat.

8.04010601 Екологія та охорона навколишнього середовища БЗЕ

The book contains important scientific data on zoopertinent function of soil saprophages in current environment management within the Steppe zone of Ukraine. It revealed insights into the role of saprophages in artificial and natural forest ecosystems. Results of multiyear scientific researches on pertinent (environmental-forming) role of animal groups such as soil mesofauna (case studies earthworms and millipedes) and soil microfauna (case study oribatid mites) were included in the book. The presented materials disclose certain aspects of the saprophages’ trophic activity, their participation in the biological cycle of the matter and in maintaining the buffering ability of natural soils. The scientific manuscript is intended for ecologists, specialists interested in environmental management and environmental rotection. The book may be useful for graduate students and scientific researchers.

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