Формування комунікативної компетентності здобувачів вищої освіти (Communicative competence development in higher education students)

Викладач: Переворська Олена Ігорівна
Рік видання: 2020
Автор: Переворська О.І., Кобзєва І.М., Приходько Т.П. та ін.
Education for achieving sustainable development. Series of monographs Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts Katowice School of Technology. Monograph 35_________________________________________________________________________________ 2.11 Olena Perevorska, Iryna Kobzieva, Tetyana Pryhodko. Communicative competence development in higher education students.....................................................203 The article describes the content and components of communicative competence. Basing on the analysis of scientific and methodological literature, where scientists suggested various components of communicative competence, we have found out that the content of communicative competence should be adequate to the psychological structure of a personality. Communicative competence is a result of educational, cognitive and practical activities, as well as one's personal life experience. The article highlights ways of communicative competence development in higher education students. The authors identified and substantiated research methods that ensure communicative competence development in higher education students. The paper presents the research results of the level of communicative competence in higher education students analyzed and conclusions drawn. Continued research in to the given issue appears is fully justified.

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