The Study of Chaotic States of Dispersive Grounds

Викладач: Мокрицька Тетяна Петрівна
Рік видання: 2015
Автор: Tatyana P. Mokritskaya, Anatoliy V. Tushev, Evgeny V. Nikulchev
The present article shows the parameters of fractal dimensionality to place the trajectory by processing data obtained by geotechnical studies. Materials research executed companies "DneproGiprotrans", "DneproGIINTIZ" have been transferred to the authors for scientific processing. The analysis carried out to see the trajectory tendencies and shapes of a short series changes allows choosing the model type for disrupted bedding zones under technogenesis conditions. The article describes how to interpret the trajectory shapes when estimation and prognostication for extensively spread genetic stratigraphic deposits in the region. Keywords: Chaos, Dispersive Soil, Fractal, Trajectory